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Month: August 2016



Following the same parameters as Round 1, I went on another boat ride to see what would happen. The results were great again, in fact, they were even better. For people who live in large cities, these Pokemon may not be all that exciting, but for rural players, this is like the holy grail of catching Pokemon (and that Growlithe ain’t too bad either). Didn’t think I would beat 13 Pokemon, but I ended up getting 16 this time!

My friend droppedĀ an incense as well but he had many more common Pokemon than I did (albeit he did get a few nice ones, like a massive Clefairy and Pikachu), so I guess it really depends.

**NOTE** I came home from work, and after stopping at too many Pokestops, I lost the data in my Journal about the exact times these were caught. I will make sure I write them down immediately next time.

Full list here:



Going back to the lake soon and will post more results. Also going to do a post about how boating is the number one way to hatch eggs (went from 0 to 1.7km in less than half hour – will also try to track my GPS).

Testing Incense on a Lake- Round 1

Testing Incense on a Lake- Round 1

As a bit of a background, it has been revealed that incense in rural areas – where there are no nearby Pokemon – yield more rare Pokemon than when there are Pokemon around.


This weekend I decided to test how well incense works on a lake. The location was a small lake in cottage country Ontario, and I started the incense on a small boat from shore, and slowly worked my way around the lake. At a few points, there was one Pokemon nearby, but it did not show up during my incense.


Typically, I get about 1 Pokemon every 5 minutes during a 30-minute incense (6 total). This time, I got 13. Full list below:


More of these tests to come!